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Alaska 2004
July 4 - Day 6

Athabaskan woman


Really an early rise this morning to board the 6:15 AM ferry for a seven-hour ride across Prince William Sound - from Valdez to Whittier. The ferry, one of the Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS) vessels, the M/V Aurora began service in 1977. The Aurora is 235 feet long, and can transport 250 passengers and 34 vehicles (20' lengths) at a service speed of 14.5 knots. Because the Aurora is used for short runs, staterooms are not available, although food service and a solarium are provided. The food? - think vending-machine quality. We brought our own!
Patrick will drive the van back around through Anchorage and meet us in Whittier.

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The ferry ride was uneventful.

With a lot of ice in the water near tidewater glaciers.

And many, many beautiful views.

Whittier in the mist.

Once ashore we walked around the town and waited for the van in the gazebo.

After exiting the tunnel, we made a brief stop to look for glacier ice in Portage Lake.

Kayakers on the lake; Burns Glacier - a hanging glacier - in background.

Verla, Ray, Lili, Loralie, Debra, and Patrick check out the ice.

Patrick, Debra, Lee, and Calvin.

Footbrige over a creek somewhere between Portage and Hope.

Patrick taking a much needed break on an overlook - Granite Creek Recreational Area.

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